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Behind the scenes of the preparation of Doutzen Kroes!

Pampered by the team of makeup artists and hairdressers L'Oreal Paris, the Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes did a glamor shoot on the roof of the Hotel Martinez, before stepping onto the red carpet for the premiere of new film Jodie Foster, "the complex of beaver", presented yesterday at the Cannes Festival 2011. Hair and makeup, accessorizing ... Go behind the scenes of the preparation!

Behind the scenes of the preparation of Doutzen Kroes at Cannes
A young mother in top form! Who would think that Doutzen Kroes gave birth to her first child, a little boy named phyllon, four months earlier! Accompanied by her husband, the Dutch model of 26 years proudly displayed her tiny waist, molded into a long draped dress slit up the side, on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie "The complex of beaver" Jodie Foster . Hours earlier, Doutzen Kroes took the pose during a photo shoot on the roof of the Hotel Martinez. Discover in pictures the scenes of its preparation with the team from L'Oreal Paris! more the beauty secret of celebrity ? visit our friend

Cannes 2012: Festival of elegance for Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard was the key feature at Cannes Film Festival with his presence and style without missing a beat! Little black dress or pastel bun, fringe or short ponytail swing: Frenchie preferred the U.S. Masters to perfection all the codes of beauty!

Each year, the red carpet at Cannes is a glamorous meeting place, where everyone does his best to catch the eye of photographers. And this year, is Marion Cotillard who won the Palme d'Or of elegance and beauty! Every appearance was greeted by the professional fashion and beauty. His presence was such that it completely stole the show from Berenice Béjo ... And nobody would be surprised if she was chosen to become in turn Master of Ceremonies at Cannes Film Festival 2013!

At the red carpet for De Rust and Bone, Marion Cotillard won the assembly building on a strapless black tulle by Christian Dior Haute Couture. And to showcase her cleavage and shoulders, the beautiful actress has relied on a bun ball XXL, adorned with a head jewel Chopard. One way to distinguish itself from its competitors who had opted for curls or wavy hairstyles deported on the side. A princess look worn so humble, with the usual gentleness of Marion Cotillard who wowed photographers: they have not dropped an inch!
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Something about Chanel earrings cheap

In this post we will see dangling earrings (cheap Chanel earrings) decorated with vertical and some new kinds of earrings. Stepping pace, swing earrings sparkle, in addition to distributing any style of costs, but also include a little punk, a melody of Little Rock, to ensure that women have generally advocated a worthy and will convert the image totally different, of course, but in addition to being as a woman and a boy more delicate feelings.
With the spring and summer style produced material, the first distribution of this character one of the other was from the vertical ornate dangling earrings, so difficult to play from day to day life could be very show simple material energy. Regardless of the head of neat short hair or long hair floating head in a position to choose a child with long mixing, allow it to swing Watch the season cost.
Do not be concerned about the type or exaggerated elegant and meticulous, so that your clothes have embraced the bonus effect with good will is the show's most famous! This season, hoping to take you to educate fashion do not neglect to choose a design earrings decorated with hanging as one of the most eye-catching accessories.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How does someone receive a debt consolidation payday loan by using awful credit score?

I've got awful credit ratings. Should i receive a debt consolidation payday loan?

Commonly, the debt amalgamation financial loan would be the operation that we include the volume of credit card debt you could have (charge cards, professional medical bills, different unsecured finance one example is), you will get a borrowing arrangement due to this range, therefore you pay up all of credit card debts for you to within the calculation on the mortgage volume simply by certainly not coughing up just one monthly repayment.

You will discover strengths to make sure you by using approach. The item diminishes the volume of bills people help to make on a monthly basis. Message or calls asking to repay any akun cease to exist. Loan prices in addition to lag time, in addition to element fascination, halt building up. Because of this people spend less large long-term.

You don't have to obtain some sort of apartment so that you can safeguarded the actual loan product.

Would you receive a good credit card debt amalgamation financial loan in case you have a reduced credit scores?

Almost all consolidating debts fiscal loans will be anchored along with real estate to be a household. It can be much harder to generate personal loans once you have the minimum credit rating if you present very little guarantee. Many banks quickly rule out programs utilizing fico scores listed below a selected wide variety.

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